Undecidable unconscious future 3 editions

Volume 1, 2014

Table of Contents
pp. vii-viii
Eric Anders
Let Us Not Forget the Clinic
pp. 1-7
Eric Anders
There Is No Such Thing as Transference
pp. 9-29
Jared Russell
The Signature of the Transcendental Imagination
pp. 31-51
Alan Bass
The Thinkable and the Unthinkable in Psychoanalysis and Philosophy: From Sophocles to Freud to Derrida
pp. 53-84
Arkady Plotnitsky
Haunting from the Future: Psychic Life in the Wake of Nuclear Necropolitics
pp. 85-101
Gabriele Schwab
Oedipal Promiscuity
pp. 103-106
Leo Bersani
“Masquerade” as “Masquerade”
pp. 107-111
Donald Moss
The Dignity of Belief
pp. 113-118
Gayle Salamon
What Is the Institutional Form of Thinking?
pp. 119-133
Simon Critchley
Deconstruction, Politics, and Psychoanalysis
pp. 135-140
Adam Rosen-Carole
Undecidability in the Act . . .
pp. 141-147
Gregg Lambert
Book Review
Literature in the Ashes of History by Cathy Caruth
pp. 149-157
Michael Levine

Volume 2, 2015

Table of Contents
pp. vii-xi
Jared Russell, Eric Anders
A Few Words (and Four Notes) of Introduction
pp. 1-5
Elizabeth Rottenberg
Beyond the Power Principle
pp. 7-17
Jacques Derrida, Elizabeth Rottenberg
On the History of Fetishism: De Brosses and Comte
pp. 19-45
Alan Bass
The Freudian Psychic Apparatus: A Biopolitics of Resistance and Alteration
pp. 47-66
Rosaura Martínez Ruiz
Beyond the Breach: Psychoanalysis, Deconstruction, and Therapeutic Action
pp. 67-93
Brian Kloppenberg
Stiegler and the Clinic
pp. 95-114
Jared Russell
The Life Drive of Derrida’s Abolitionism: A Review of The Death Penalty: Volume I
pp. 115-126
Ryan Gustafson

Volume 3, 2016

Table of Contents
Derrida’s Psychoanalysis
pp. 1-20
Rene Major, Translated by Jared Russell
Deconstruction and the Metrics of Clinical Time
pp. 21-50
Jared Russell
A Conversation with Judith Butler
pp. 51-66
Rosaura Martinez Ruiz
Woman as Man’s Uncanny Object: A Discussion Following Freud and Lacan
pp. 67-92
Itzhak Benyamini
Lacan, Barthes, Bataille, and the Meaning of the Eye – or Gaze
pp. 93-123
Tim Themi

Alan Bass

Managing Editor
Jared Russell

Editorial Board
Eric Anders, Geoffrey Bennington, Simon Critchley, Peggy Kamuf, Gregg Lambert, Donald Moss, Rosaura Martínez Ruiz, James Olthuis, Christopher Peterson, Adam Rosen-Carole, Elizabeth Rottenberg, Gabriele Schwab, Samuel Weber, Mitchell Wilson

Technical Editor
Ryan Gustafson

Eric Anders

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