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The first issue of The Undecidable Unconscious has been released and can be accessed here.

Contributors to the first issue include Eric Anders, Jared Russell, Alan Bass, Arkady Plotnitsky, Gabriele Schwab, Leo Bersani, Donald Moss, Gayle Salamon, Simon Critchley, Adam Rosen-Carole, Greg Lambert, and Michael Levine.

Except for Jared Russell’s essay and Michael Levine’s review, the first issue represents the proceedings of the inaugural conference for The Undecidable Unconscious held at The New School in April, 2014.

The editors are currently soliciting contributions for the 2015 edition of the journal. Submissions can be sent to


Alan Bass

Managing Editor
Jared Russell

Editorial Board
Eric Anders, Geoffrey Bennington, Simon Critchley, Peggy Kamuf, Gregg Lambert, Donald Moss, Rosaura Martínez Ruiz, James Olthuis, Christopher Peterson, Adam Rosen-Carole, Elizabeth Rottenberg, Gabriele Schwab, Samuel Weber, Mitchell Wilson

Technical Editor
Ryan Gustafson

Eric Anders

University of Nebraska Press

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