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It is somewhat foolish no doubt to imagine one can circumscribe the extent of Derrida’s engagement in writing with psychoanalysis, or with the work of Freud or Lacan or other psychoanalytic thinkers, such as Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok. While numerous texts might suggest themselves right away as obviously belonging to the classification, there would remain the irradiating effects across an entire oeuvre of what Derrida calls, in his first published essay on Freud, la percée or la trouée freudienne, the “Freudian breakthrough” …

Peggy Kamuf, “The Deconstitution of Psychoanalysis,” in To Follow: In the Wake of Jacques Derrida, University of Edinburgh Press, 2010, p. 178.


English Translations of Works by Derrida on Psychoanalysis

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Passages on Psychoanalysis in Other Works by Derrida

Of Grammatology, p. 35 [21].

Speech and Phenomena, 71 [63]; cf. GR 98 [67].

Dissemination, “Plato’s Pharmacy,” pp 220-221.

Glas , pp. 42-47 left; 166-168 left; 206-211 left; 223-224 left; 226-229 right.

Specters of Marx, pp. 10-40; 133; 140-141; 166-176; notes 35 and 38.

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Works on Psychoanalysis by Derrida Not Yet Translated Into English

1971-1972 Seminar, “La psychanalyse dans le texte.”

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Works on Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis by Others.

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Works on Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis by Others Not Yet Translated Into English.

Martínez-Ruiz, Rosaura. (2013). Freud y Derrida: escritura y psique. Mexico: Siglo XXI.


Other Suggested Reading

Derrida, Jacques. (1982/1972). “Differance.” In Margins–Of Philosophy.  Trans. Alan Bass.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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Yerushalmi: Freudʼs Moses: Judaism.

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